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Today, Customers users have many options when it comes to buying a new vehicle, and having a website optimized specifically for the sale of automobiles is the key to staying competitive in the automotive dealer industry. SunTec will offer you SEO services for car dealers that assure you a high rank in the search engines for terms of search with brand and not the brand. We integrate all other aspects of your marketing campaign, such as print and TV advertising, into the SEO strategy of your personalized car dealership.

SunTec’s automatic SEO services team has a proven track record of providing the best positions in the major search engines for car manufacturers. We will guarantee a better return on investment and better results compared to other forms of “traditional” marketing.

One mistake we avoid when avoiding car owners is to constantly change the web platform (or site) used to sell cars online. It is not advisable to change the site every few years, as this “cancels” all the good work done by the SEO teams on the site and literally starts over from scratch in terms of rankings and sales opportunities. This type of change interrupts the linking patterns established in the main search engines and can severely damage the classifications. Instead, our SEO team for car dealerships would advise you to build a solid website to sell your cars, and to implement a well thought out SEO strategy to make the site very high instead of “cut and change” constantly.

Our team of SEO solutions for car dealerships can also help you create “microsites” that can be flayed to give the site a different look without losing the rankings that have worked so hard. These sites are extremely useful in the development of customized SEO solutions for specific car dealers and numerous testimonials from our satisfied customers affirm this.

At SunTec, our digital car dealership marketing team has the set of special skills needed to offer successful SEO strategies for car dealers. We understand that potential customers instead of direct sales on the Internet (which is generally not possible for automobiles) are “bread and butter” for any car dealership and will optimize your site for lead instead of “sales”. Our experts in SEO solutions for transporters also realize that most car dealers face fierce competition from other competitors in their field and make sure they understand in depth the regional business objectives of our customers. before developing a unique SEO strategy.



Site optimization
We will thoroughly review your website, review your current marketing campaigns and analyze market competition before beginning the on-site optimization process. Our team of SEO services of car dealers will search for keywords for your business only after conducting regional investigations and obtaining a thorough knowledge of the background of your company and the automotive industry in your region.

Our SEO auto services team will use advanced keyword tools to find related keywords and key phrases with significant research volumes both locally and nationally. We will also make sure that the selected keywords are “localized” according to the state / city where your company is located. We will make sure that the content of your site is rich in keywords and we will guarantee that the Meta tags are present in all the pages of your website.

Whitehat SEO link building
Our custom link creation strategies are guaranteed to improve the rankings of search engines over time. Inbound linking is a sure way to build credibility and improve brand visibility for your website, and achieve higher rankings in search engines in major search engines. Our digital marketing team of car dealers will carry out a verification of links for your website that will allow us to analyze your current incoming links and those of competitors’ websites. This will provide us with more information to build a successful long-term SEO strategy for your website.

It is also important that you submit your website to each company directory and to the local profile site, and we will do so. We will also write blog posts and articles that have useful information for readers in order to improve their brand image online and get better rankings in the search engines.

Monthly reports
Our automotive dealer solutions experts will send detailed monthly reports on the exact progress made through your SEO campaign, as well as information that will help you understand which tactics work and which ones should be discarded. We will also make continuous recommendations to strengthen your SEO campaign.



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