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More than 90% of shoppers start looking for online properties and SEO for real estate agents is essential for a strong online presence, since a higher ranking of search engines generally means more site visits and more sales, a fact that It still becomes more important when each of these sales can be in the region of $ 100,000 or more.

At SunTec, our real estate SEO services team has a proven track record of creating visibility, building a solid network and bringing together potential customers for our real estate clients for over 13 years. Our real estate website marketing services ensure that your company is on the first page of Google for the chosen keywords and will use results-oriented SEO strategies such as local SEO, organic links and network marketing. Social.

Why do I need a professional real estate SEO company to manage the marketing of my real estate website?
Internet marketing in the real estate sector involves many aspects that are best managed by a professional real estate company like SunTec. While real estate agents generally compete with each other for business, they are also “united” under a large banner as their parent company. Most major brokers face the dilemma of managing and promoting individual agents when they market their brand online, and this is difficult to manage in terms of real estate search engine optimization.

In addition to this, larger brokerage sites tend to be extremely complex in nature due to the high levels of functionality and research capabilities that are essential in these sites. Such sites generally require that an area be promoted for each of their online agents, but the multiple listing services are usually designed without taking into account the optimization of the real estate search engines.

Last but not least, there is an extremely tough competition in real estate SEO when it comes to keywords, since all agents, like brokers, compete for the same keywords.


Quality content
We will develop quality content aimed at the chosen keywords. We make sure you focus on one keyword per page and insert constantly fresh content on your site to keep the content fresh and relevant. Our website’s real estate marketing team will make sure that you write about things that worry people, rather than irrelevant and non-direct “turnover” content, which results in higher conversion rates and higher sales. For example, we could customize the content based on local events, new activities that can be opened in the area, products for the home and so on.

Verify what content is indexed
We will use your robots.txt file to prevent the URL modifiers that are displayed on the search pages from being indexed. This ensures that search engines do not track duplicate content on your site, thus improving your ranking.

Search for long tail keywords
We know that competition for the main keywords is extremely rigid and develop a strong research strategy for long-tail keywords to ensure higher conversion rates, even from popular local long-tail keywords.

Site optimization
Our experts in real estate search engine optimization ensure that the structure of the URL is optimized to the maximum and will use 301 redirection rules to create more optimized URL. We will make sure that your website is fast and responsive and not use technologies such as floating frames that search engines can not index.

Avoid excessive use of subdomains
Our experts in SEO real estate services avoid using subdomains on your site, since the search engines will eventually treat them as a separate entity. This means that any link value or return connection attributed to the subdomains will not be added to the main site lists.

Construction of organic links
Our real estate internet marketing team will use the link building techniques approved by Google to gather quality links to your site and ensure long term improvements in the search engines.

Marketing in social networks
Our real estate internet marketing team will promote and market your brand on all social media platforms, and will ensure that business credibility is created through word of mouth.

Panda-proof classifications
ALL of our strategies comply with Google’s new webmaster guidelines and our real estate SEO services to ensure that your site is not penalized by recent panda changes.

Code of ethics
Our Real Estate SEO team is fully aware of the Code of Ethics of Real Estate Agents and will develop an SEO strategy for you in accordance with this code.

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